Dec 28, 2011


As promised in my last post, now the pics come:

1) Kitchen appliance

2) Horizontal blinds for the glass besides the door

3) The handle of staircase is on

Dec 20, 2011

Day 224 (20th Dec 2011) - the final day of the construction, we got keys!!!!!!!!!!!

Ta da~

Today is the settlement day!!! We did our final walk through in the morning, and then we drove to BB's headoffice to pick our keys. Bank cheque in, keys out (: There are dozens of keys for our house, trust me, we got a big bag of keys, for every windows and doors. Also, we got a big bag of gifts from BB, they are kitchen related, nice and useful.


1) The driveway is coloured and sealed

2) The hot water system and heating unit both are installed and connected.

3) The kitchen appliances and my staircase handrail are on. However, we were being busy to test all the electric plugs with a light we brought, I forgot to take pics. I might take some next time.

The building experience with BB is great, especially that we are so lucky to have Jay as our SS~ The only thing that I wish BB to improve is its paperwork stage, took ages to organise and finish (for my case is half year).

The following steps are installing an alarm system, cooling system, fences, landscaping, furniture and etc. OMG, still have so many things need to be done before we move in...... Let me just forget them for 1 night, I just wanna drink high and have a rest.

Anyway, I'll try to keep u updated.

Merry X'mas guys!!

Dec 9, 2011

Day 213 (9th Dec 2011) - PCI Finished & We Got a Settlement Date!

Can not be happier about the PCI result!!

Both my SS and inspector are excellent! My SS is easy to talk with, willing to do amendment after each inspection! There is no communicating problem at all~ Most important, he has done great jobs along the way~ My inspector is detail concerned and experienced, which is good for the house owner and worthing every dollar!

For the PCI, just some small touch ups need to be done. The Hot Water System and the kitchen appliance will be installed before the settlement~ Driveway will be coloured and sealed by today~

Booked the final walkthrough and settlement on the 20th, that means we can get the keys before X'mas, whoooohoooo~

Some updates:
1) Rainwater tank is in and connected.

2) Externally venting point is done.

3) Storage room beneath the stair is painted.

4) Everything is cleaned.

5) The timber staircase has been stained in walnut colour. Love the colour!

Oct 24, 2011

Day 167 (24th Oct 2011) - Downpipes

Drove by our house today~ We could only take pics from outside since we can't go into the house without permission.

The downpipes are on, will be painted in Monument.

Oct 12, 2011

Day 154 (11th Oct 2011) - Updates!!!

Met with my SS yesterday on site!

My SS is so nice!!!! he brought a shovel with him and dug the ground under the porch's contract bricks to prove that it has concrete footings to support the weight. I worried about it for a long time, and asked my SS to prove it since i did not notice any footings under that area during the Base Stage (see the link Day 62). Now no more worries~ I luv my SS (:

Ok, now some updates:

1) The porch is done, the rain goes away! Will be painted in Surfmist colour~

2) The storage room under the stairs is done~

3) The tiles arrived! Tiling starts tomorrow!

4) Kitchen sink is in

5) The roof tiling to the alfresco is done!

6) The doors of the robes are on!

7) The water-resistant painting to the wet area is done.

8) The basins are in!! Luv the semi-reccessed basins~

Sep 20, 2011

Day 133 (20th Sept 2011) - In the House

Today we met SS on site and get to look inside the house!

The painting to the wall/ceiling/skirting/cornices/doors is almost finished, and this actually belongs to the Final Stage. So at this moment, both Fix Stage and Final Stage are in progress.

The Fix Stage towards the end, just a bit touch ups need to be done.

We finally got the chance to look at our kitchen! Lovely benchtop and cabinet! Can't wait to see what's gonna look like after the glass splashback is on!

All vanities are done~

The porch is under construction currently, the timber frame is done.

Sep 12, 2011

Day 125 (12 Sept 2011) - Some Updates

1) Contacted a trenching company and the trench is done today!

2) The porch light is on~

3) The skirting is on and the ceiling + cornice are painted!

4) The garage inside door is in!

5) The door from garage to the garden is in!

6) The tree in front of our house is growing well~ So green and so spring~ Luv it!

7) The house is still fully locked, so we book with our SS to meet inside next week. Can't wait to see the inside!

Aug 31, 2011

Day 111 (29th Aug 2011) - We are Locked Out

We are fully locked out-----------because we have a front door!!!!!!! It's unpainted but u can see the beautiful grey slump glass on it, love it!

Look through the windows, the vanities are in and the bentchtop in laundry is done: