Jul 11, 2011

Day 62 (11th July 2011) - Bricking started!!!

Again, BB is super fast!! When I checked the progress on 'My Place' there is no update yet. But when I checked with my liason, she told me the bricking has started already and the gutter+fascia will be on soon. 

So I drove by my house this afternoon and took some pics. I was worried about the main bricks Hawthorn until I saw my house. It is such a beautiful brick and worth every cent I spend. Nice brown colour with a bit of deep blue blending in, LOVE IT!!

At the same time, I found some problems:
1) There should had an extended slab under where the contrast bricks stand in front of porch (according to the engineering plan), however, it's missing. Instead of concrete, they pus some bricks under to support the partial weight of the contrast brick wall. I'm worried about the different material will generate different support strength, and when the slab is moving during the next few years, it will cause an vertical cracks on that wall. I emailed my liason to check that out. I hope they can build the missing part and connect it to the main slab (porch slab) in some way, then to lay the contrast bricks.
2) I'm not sure about the mortar colour of my contrast bricks. I chose white-off, but it seems more grey to   me.
3) One pier in front of porch is not vertical, even I can tell it. I think they need to re-do it.

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