Apr 13, 2011

Building Permit Applied

Building permit applied yesterday! My liason expected to get council approval at the end of next week.

About the sound batts, I decided not to go since the quote is around $1500 for between ground & 1st floor. I did not expected the price is soooo high, way above my budget ($800). Maybe I will discuss with my site supervisor after construction start to see if I could install some sound batts from bunnings by myself. 

I will do some site cleaning before getting my building permit. Too many rain these days!

Apr 5, 2011

Yah~Final Drawings Done!

Got my amended final drawings yesterday and signed today!!!! 

Here I share 3 pages from the final drawings:

As I required before, my admin raised a variation to make the shower rose move further away from the mixer so I can change it to a shower head with rail after handover.

I want to add some insulation/sound batts between garage and the living area, also between garage downstairs and bedroom 1 upstairs to avoid exhaust gas or noise from cars. My admin said it could not be done until my energy report is out. She told me to wait few more days for my energy report. 

I was bored during the waiting period, so I used Studio M to create a drawing about my bathroom, just for fun(: