Nov 20, 2010

Checked and Signed

After few days back and forth emails, finally, we got the colour selection files without mistakes! We brought our laptop to the Edge on the colour selection day and we used excel to write all items' prices & colours down, so we could work out the 'quotes vs. budget' at that moment and got a clear list after we came home. In my experience, it is impossible to remember all the things in such a short time, especially they are involved with codes, colours and styles. Furthermore, when I got my own list, I could check the one they send me, which had some mistakes. U don't wanna have the tragedy of ugly colour that not caused by a wrong choice but a damn type mistake on the file.

The file is an evidence and it secure the following drawing stage. Make sure everything is right. It is important that getting the correct file and understanding every word on it. When I say every word, I mean every word. Trust me, sometimes they type secret codes to describe an item and u won't know what it is. So, ask!!!! The staff in the Edge are very nice and willing to answer it. 

Yeah~ I'm moving on to the drawing stage from today! This is a mile stone. Mark (:

Nov 15, 2010


There are some items we are going to change after handover.

1) The carpet area. We love timber floors but unfortunately we can't afford them now. We will change all the carpet to timber 1 or 2 years later.

2) The taps. We are not satisfied with the taps choices at the Edge, so we are going to replace them right after handover.

3) The toilets on 1st floor. We found some really good toilets in Tradelink, which is expensive. We can't afford them now doesn't mean that we can't afford it 2 years later, well, hope so!

Ouch Ouch Ouch!!!! Everything is AUD AUD AUD!!!!!!!

The Photos of Colour Selection 4

The Photos of Colour Selection 3

The Photos of Colour Selection 2

The Photos of Colour Selection 1

Colours Done

This is really exciting!!!!!! I've been looking forward to this for a long time. So far, this is the most wonderful part.

We've been looking around some display houses and hunting some samples in the specific shops of tiles/carpets before we went to the Edge (BB's colour selection department). So that we could have a better idea of what we want and what we like. My partner let me decide the main tone of the colours, haha, he should! he knows nothing about the colour or a theme of a palette. I'm happy to do that cuz I've done some courses related to colours before.

It also took us some time to decide the external bricks & roof tiles colour. Since we don't have a fancy facade, the bricks is essential for the outlook of our house. I don't want it looks funny or dramatic or horrible after it is built. I had a browse of double storey house's bricks and roof tiles, then I got a theme, which is dark brown tone without the reddish blend. I went to both Austral & Boral display centre, picked 3 or 4 bricks that I like, get the address of the bricks. Well, it is important to look the bricks on real house since the colour of them are nothing like on the websites. 

The staff who helped us at the first day of the colour selection was a newbie. She's very patient but obviously not familiar with her job. She told us that she has just been there a month. She need more training in my opinion. Cuz she had been busy with the estimated prices and typing something on the laptop which barely left any time for us to discussed our thoughts about colours & styles. We did few things in the first day, which upset us a bit.

Luckily lucky, we had a senior pro staff Stephanie the second whole day at the Edge. She's really great, warm and professional. She's the best! We had a lot of questions and asked many different quotes about different category choices, she's being patient and efficient. She helped us with the colours and explained many details about the things we selected. She's No. 1.

We enjoyed our 10am- 5:30pm time there, none of a sec was wasted. The better thing is, we've done all the colour selection and we LOVE it!! Hoorayyyyy~~~~~

The upgrade lists as below, I'll post all the photos of what we choose later.

Contract, Floor Plan, Facade & Promotion

We signed our contract with BB at 22nd Sep 2010, just a few days before our land is titled. 
The contract lists is as below:

As the contract lists shows, we chose some floor plan options. As a result, our floor plan changed from original one. See below:

For the facade choice is limited, only a few at a very high price. I remember the most expensive one (the only one with a balcony) is $20,000+, I'd rather pay $20,000 on somewhere else. So we go for the cheapest one, well, still cost $2000AUD. It is not too bad, isn't it?


There is also a promotion package, of course we took the promotion package, the price is fair.

Nov 14, 2010

Floor Plan- Attenborough 3200

After finding our GOLD land, of course the next step is finding a floor plan that suits the land.

We contacted with many builders like PD, Sim0nds, Metric0n etc., seeing lots of floor plans which gave me a bit headache. Through discussion and information we realise that Burb@nk is the one. If u ask for reasons, No.1 the price is reasonable and affordable, 2 there is a house called Attenborough that is make the best use of the frontage & length of our land, 3 people who is building or built with BB give it OK comments, which makes me think, hmmm, it is not too bad if we go with BB and I will not have to deal too much 'surprise' or dramatic things during the house building.

The floor plan of Attenborough 3200 is just perfect for our land. The width requires 16m lot, and it is not deep as most of the floor plans from other builders, it is short, which means I don't need to compromise my beautiful backyard sizes and I won't have a 'face- touch- fence' situation while i am enjoying my afternoon tea in alfresco.

The only shortage of this floor plan is that the garage is right under the master bedroom, which might result cool in the winter and hot in summer in our master bedroom. However, this problem could be easily fixed by using the insulation layer between the 1st & ground floor. So, nothing to be worried! yeah~~~

21 Sep 2010, 5th time visit

the rocks was cleaned on my site!

12 Sep 2010, 4th time visit

The footpath and driveway entrance was done, the road in front was under construction.

16 Aug 2010, 3rd time visit

The rocks was still on my site, and the footpath in front was done!

08 Aug 2010, 2nd time visit our land

09 July 2010, 1st time visit our land

The rocks was dug out, and the road in front was not completed