Jul 29, 2011

Day 80 (29th July 2011) - Antenna is on

Bricking is done! Antenna is on, silver n shiny~ Little chimney (dunno what's it called, lolz) is on as well. I'm told that cladding will be on next week and then they will remove the scaffold to tile the roof on alfresco.

PS, our liason left BB, pity, she's very good at her job, reachable, fast response and very familiar with all the details. A new liason is on our case now.

Jul 23, 2011

Day 73 (22nd July 2011) - Roof finished

Roof is done and some bricklayers are working on site! Looks like the solar panels is on. I took the pic from one side.

Today I found a pond about 100m from our house, and there are many ducks inside, beautiful view~

Jul 19, 2011

Day 70 (19th July 2011) - We have a roof!!!

We have a roof!!!!

The tiles look a bit lighter than their real colour due to the sunlight.

Jul 18, 2011

Day 69 (18th July 2011) - On Site Meeting

This morning we had our 2nd time on-site meeting. Our SS is good on time, he's there earlier than us!

He showed us through and pointed out all the works that related to the frame inspection report and they are all fixed. 

The brick pier at the porch which was oblique is now corrected to be vertical. SS told us we are having off-white mortar. The off-white is not the white white but a bit of grey tone, and it's going to be whiter when it totally dries out. About the partial missing slab in the front, he told us there are some concrete under the bricks although it is lower than the porch's base. Since I did not have a tool to dig and look at it, I will leave it to my private inspector to check out during next inspection.

The roof tiling should start tomorrow, hope it will be a sunny day.

Jul 15, 2011

Day 66 (15th July 2011) - Gutter & Fascia Done

The scaffolding is up and the gutter & fascia are done. The roof tiles arrived, I think the roofing will start next week.

I think someone had a meal here and forgot his folk (:

I love my roof tiles (Bristol Shadow)~

My contrast bricks - Austral Ash:

Jul 11, 2011

Day 62 (11th July 2011) - Bricking started!!!

Again, BB is super fast!! When I checked the progress on 'My Place' there is no update yet. But when I checked with my liason, she told me the bricking has started already and the gutter+fascia will be on soon. 

So I drove by my house this afternoon and took some pics. I was worried about the main bricks Hawthorn until I saw my house. It is such a beautiful brick and worth every cent I spend. Nice brown colour with a bit of deep blue blending in, LOVE IT!!

At the same time, I found some problems:
1) There should had an extended slab under where the contrast bricks stand in front of porch (according to the engineering plan), however, it's missing. Instead of concrete, they pus some bricks under to support the partial weight of the contrast brick wall. I'm worried about the different material will generate different support strength, and when the slab is moving during the next few years, it will cause an vertical cracks on that wall. I emailed my liason to check that out. I hope they can build the missing part and connect it to the main slab (porch slab) in some way, then to lay the contrast bricks.
2) I'm not sure about the mortar colour of my contrast bricks. I chose white-off, but it seems more grey to   me.
3) One pier in front of porch is not vertical, even I can tell it. I think they need to re-do it.

Jul 7, 2011

Got Response on Frame Inspection

After 2 weeks of the inspection, we got response from BB on our frame inspection report. BB promised to fixed all the items on the report, couldn't be happier! Some of the problems already been fixed and some of them will be completed in the following week. When all items fixed, SS will walk us through to show what they've done.

Ww've paid for the 2nd stage - Frame and now still waiting for some progress on Lockup stage. Hmmmm, waiting~~~~~~~~~~

Btw, the weather is changing all the time!!!! Rainy, sunny, windy and cloudy in one day, such a messy!  Plus, there were mini-quakes on Tue, geeeeze~

Jul 4, 2011

Day 55 (4th July 2011)-Bricks Arrived

Good news!

After 3 weeks delay, our bricks have finally arrived!! Hope the bricklayer will work on site soon~