Aug 31, 2011

Day 111 (29th Aug 2011) - We are Locked Out

We are fully locked out-----------because we have a front door!!!!!!! It's unpainted but u can see the beautiful grey slump glass on it, love it!

Look through the windows, the vanities are in and the bentchtop in laundry is done:

Aug 22, 2011

Day 104 (22nd Aug 2011) - Cornices on~

Today I drove by my house I noticed someone is doing the cornices. Not sure cornicing will be finished today, but I appreciate there is progress everyday (:

Aug 19, 2011

Day 101 (19th Aug 2011) - We Have Stairs!

My liason told me, plaster is done and carpenter continues.

We cannot go into the house without BB's permission. Lucky we don't have garage door and entrance door up yet, so we can sneak peek a bit from outside. We have stairs~~~

The garage is fully plastered!

Aug 16, 2011

Day 98 (16th Aug 2011) - Plasterboard

Plasterboard is on today! But i don't think it's finished yet. When I drove by late this afternoon, the workers were still working in the house.

I will take some photos when it's done.

Aug 13, 2011

Day 95 (13th Aug 2011) - Scaffolding is off

Scaffolding is removed and now we can see our house clearly! There are damages under the eaves maybe caused by the scaffolding removing progress. I will call my liason to check that out on Monday, I think BB will replace them.

SS told us the small things that need to modified from last inspection have already been done. Furthermore, the plaster boards will be installed next week and then the carpenters will start~ We officially move to the Fix Stage, whoohoo~

Hot water system's base:

Cleaned bricks~

Aug 9, 2011

Day 91 (9th Aug 2011) - Lockup Inspection

We had our Lockup stage inspection (Pre-plaster inspection) this afternoon.

This time we hire another inspector to do the inspection. This inspector has many years experience in house inspection and he's very famous in some building forums. When I called him, he suggested that we should have the pre-plaster inspection instead of the lockup inspection. Some electrician drill holes through timber inappropriately that might damaging the frame works. So we hold the inspection until our SS told us the electricity, plumbing n insulation are done. 

This inspector is very detail concerned. It took one and half hour to complete the inspection. He told us BB did a very good job and he's amazed. BB uses good quality timber for the frames, every room's size is correct, BB does many detail works while other builders don't care about small things. In conclusion, our inspector rated our house's quality as in top 10% based on all his past inspections. I just wanna to thank all the workers and our lovely lovely SS!! Our SS communicated with the inspector this time and walked with him all the way through. It's much easier for us cuz they can understand each other's 'construction related words'. Nothing major problems were found, just some smalls things need to be modified. Yah~~~

I took some photos while inspecting. 

Aug 7, 2011

Day 89 (7th Aug 2011) - Cladding n Eaves are Painted

Cladding and eaves are painted this week. I was worried about the Colorbond Surfmist is too white with Hawthorn bricks. When I saw it today, what a relief!! Nice bright white matches well with my bricks!!! Love it!!!

Furthermore, top half of the brick wall is washed and cleaned, again, love Hawthorn so much~

My SS told me the plumbing and electricity are done, how quick they are! However I can not go inside my house without BB's permission, I will take some photos when we have the Lockup inspection next week.

So far so good~

Aug 3, 2011

Day 85 (3rd Aug 2011) - Cladding is Done

Cladding is done but it hasn't been painted yet. I guess the painter will paint it with eaves together.

Some wading birds nearby~