Mar 15, 2011

Happy OR Not

After a long weekend, we phoned my admin today and finally got some progress there. 

1) I requested them to vent my rangehood externally, cost me $250, not too bad.
2) Relocated my rear garden tap to the outside of living room wall with no extra charge, which is good. 
3) BB accept my rear offset peg as a building peg, so 'SAVE ME' $720 for resurveying.
4) Got 820+620mm 2 doors instead of 620+620mm doors to the study room on ground floor at no extra costs.
5) Got a quote back for providing Cat 2 floor tiles (instead of concrete) to the storage room beneath the staircase, not cheap ($320)! But I can't be bothered to tile that area by myself after handover.

The bad thing is,

1) my admin says I can't relocated my ground-mounted clothesline in the back yard, I don't understand why!
2) When I was in colour selection, the staff told me I'll get a set of pot draws in the kitchen as standard , so I add 2 no. drawers at $100 each. After I got my drawings, I found that only the added 2 drawers appear in the kitchen. Now my admin told me no drawers come as standard. When I requested to add 2 more pot drawers today to make 4 no. all together and I'm willing to pay another $200, she was kind of saying 'no' and needs to confirm with the colour selection staff. Well, since the I don't have a write-down email as evidence, I can do nothing! I really want more drawers in the kitchen for storage convenience (having enough cupboard and pantry shelves already)!!!

Furthermore, I asked the progress of amended drawings, my admin said 'soon'~~Hope this is true.

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