Aug 9, 2011

Day 91 (9th Aug 2011) - Lockup Inspection

We had our Lockup stage inspection (Pre-plaster inspection) this afternoon.

This time we hire another inspector to do the inspection. This inspector has many years experience in house inspection and he's very famous in some building forums. When I called him, he suggested that we should have the pre-plaster inspection instead of the lockup inspection. Some electrician drill holes through timber inappropriately that might damaging the frame works. So we hold the inspection until our SS told us the electricity, plumbing n insulation are done. 

This inspector is very detail concerned. It took one and half hour to complete the inspection. He told us BB did a very good job and he's amazed. BB uses good quality timber for the frames, every room's size is correct, BB does many detail works while other builders don't care about small things. In conclusion, our inspector rated our house's quality as in top 10% based on all his past inspections. I just wanna to thank all the workers and our lovely lovely SS!! Our SS communicated with the inspector this time and walked with him all the way through. It's much easier for us cuz they can understand each other's 'construction related words'. Nothing major problems were found, just some smalls things need to be modified. Yah~~~

I took some photos while inspecting. 

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