May 14, 2011

Look What Happened

I'm excited cuz finally someone is working on our site now! The construction begins~~~

I called my CSO on 12th May to check the process, and she told me my site work has started on 11th. I couldn't believe it! I thought the construction would be delayed due to the bad weather these days. So after hanging up the phone I just drove to my land to have a look and it was raining heavily again! I thought there would be no one on my site. But look those GIANT rocks and that powerful digging machine!!! I was there around 5pm and the workers kept themselves being busy on my land!

I donno when BB put the toilet on and fenced up, but I'm glad they are there:

G, the rocks are huge~

The rain makes my land muddy and messy:

Share the view of the west side of my estate, the sun light in the rain:

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