May 8, 2011

New Updates

We got a new admin as site coordinator and we already received the Site Start Letter. So, officially, we move into the construction stage. YAH~~

Something I forgot to mention in my earlier posts:
1) We received the Home Warranty Insurance letter.
2) The Final Construction Drawings done.
3) The energy report states that my house will have R3.0 insulation on roof and R2.0 insulation on external walls, which I'm pretty happy with it.
4) My house will have H class base according to the Engineering Plan and soil test report.
5) My admin clarified that all downpipes of the house will be PVC not Colorbond (metal) material but painted with Colorbond colour.
6) My admin also clarified that the storage room door will open towards entry. She said the standard one should be opening inwards. Since my drawings show it opening outwards and no one corrected it, so she just write it down in my variation at no charge.

Now show u the fenced up site:

and the workflow up to today:

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