Jun 6, 2011

Day 27 (6th June 2011) - Framing

BB is super fast~~ We are now in the frame stage and our ground floor framing is almost completed today.

This afternoon, we had a short on-site meeting with our SS J. It's our first time to meet him. He's much younger than I thought, lolz~ He's nice and patient. J told us the 1st floor faming work is expected to start today or the next day.

I took a lot of pics today so enjoy~


  1. Wow, things are moving really fast at the moment, I hope it keeps going like that - you'll be in before you know it. Please keep sharing the construction and your experiences. We look like selecting the same house soon.

    Cheers, Gossa

  2. Hi Anonymous, thnx for ur comment(:

    Yes, things are moving pretty fast~ Glad to hear that u might select the Attenborough as well(: It's a nice house~ Good luck to ur building!!