Jun 23, 2011

Had First Inspection Today

Got an inspector to come to check our frame this morning, found some problems. The inspector is patient and nice. It took about an hour to go through all the studs. Once I got his report I will share the details here. Overall, he said BB did a good job. Glad to hear that and thanks to all the workers & SS!!! Our SS is also there. This is one of BB's rules that inspection has to make appointment with SS. But it's awkward to have both inspector and SS on the site with no conversation between each other. Apparently SS don't wanna someone to judge their works' quality while the inspector just wanna do the inspection alone. Moreover, we don't have a topic that could make them talk to each other. However, it's funny to have the moment of silence. I enjoyed it (:

BTW, we got a call from our liason today and told us BB has monitored my Blog. We should not go into the house without BB permission or appointment, especially we should not climb to the 1st floor under the concern of our safety. If we keep doing this BB could stop the construction and make some legal actions. I think she's right, so I guess no more details pics apart from each inspection time. Well, now writing this Blog is getting weird cuz I know my builder is watching it, that gives me goose bump. At the same time, I'm happy to know that there are more 'followers', lolz~

One more thing that I forgot to mention is our main bricks are delayed, should hear some updates next week.

Anyway, so far so good.


  1. Wow, BB monitoring your blog! Does BB stand for Big Brother!?! Anyway, I suppose it's a good way for you to keep them on their toes, because all of your experiences, both good and bad, are for all potential BB customers to read.
    Cheers, Gos

  2. Hi Gos,

    Yes I was shocked when I found out that BB is monitoring my blog, I guess they found me from Homeone forum. And yes i will keep on sharing my experience with u guys, hope it's helpful.