Jul 18, 2011

Day 69 (18th July 2011) - On Site Meeting

This morning we had our 2nd time on-site meeting. Our SS is good on time, he's there earlier than us!

He showed us through and pointed out all the works that related to the frame inspection report and they are all fixed. 

The brick pier at the porch which was oblique is now corrected to be vertical. SS told us we are having off-white mortar. The off-white is not the white white but a bit of grey tone, and it's going to be whiter when it totally dries out. About the partial missing slab in the front, he told us there are some concrete under the bricks although it is lower than the porch's base. Since I did not have a tool to dig and look at it, I will leave it to my private inspector to check out during next inspection.

The roof tiling should start tomorrow, hope it will be a sunny day.

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