Oct 12, 2011

Day 154 (11th Oct 2011) - Updates!!!

Met with my SS yesterday on site!

My SS is so nice!!!! he brought a shovel with him and dug the ground under the porch's contract bricks to prove that it has concrete footings to support the weight. I worried about it for a long time, and asked my SS to prove it since i did not notice any footings under that area during the Base Stage (see the link Day 62). Now no more worries~ I luv my SS (:

Ok, now some updates:

1) The porch is done, the rain goes away! Will be painted in Surfmist colour~

2) The storage room under the stairs is done~

3) The tiles arrived! Tiling starts tomorrow!

4) Kitchen sink is in

5) The roof tiling to the alfresco is done!

6) The doors of the robes are on!

7) The water-resistant painting to the wet area is done.

8) The basins are in!! Luv the semi-reccessed basins~

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