Dec 9, 2011

Day 213 (9th Dec 2011) - PCI Finished & We Got a Settlement Date!

Can not be happier about the PCI result!!

Both my SS and inspector are excellent! My SS is easy to talk with, willing to do amendment after each inspection! There is no communicating problem at all~ Most important, he has done great jobs along the way~ My inspector is detail concerned and experienced, which is good for the house owner and worthing every dollar!

For the PCI, just some small touch ups need to be done. The Hot Water System and the kitchen appliance will be installed before the settlement~ Driveway will be coloured and sealed by today~

Booked the final walkthrough and settlement on the 20th, that means we can get the keys before X'mas, whoooohoooo~

Some updates:
1) Rainwater tank is in and connected.

2) Externally venting point is done.

3) Storage room beneath the stair is painted.

4) Everything is cleaned.

5) The timber staircase has been stained in walnut colour. Love the colour!

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