Dec 20, 2011

Day 224 (20th Dec 2011) - the final day of the construction, we got keys!!!!!!!!!!!

Ta da~

Today is the settlement day!!! We did our final walk through in the morning, and then we drove to BB's headoffice to pick our keys. Bank cheque in, keys out (: There are dozens of keys for our house, trust me, we got a big bag of keys, for every windows and doors. Also, we got a big bag of gifts from BB, they are kitchen related, nice and useful.


1) The driveway is coloured and sealed

2) The hot water system and heating unit both are installed and connected.

3) The kitchen appliances and my staircase handrail are on. However, we were being busy to test all the electric plugs with a light we brought, I forgot to take pics. I might take some next time.

The building experience with BB is great, especially that we are so lucky to have Jay as our SS~ The only thing that I wish BB to improve is its paperwork stage, took ages to organise and finish (for my case is half year).

The following steps are installing an alarm system, cooling system, fences, landscaping, furniture and etc. OMG, still have so many things need to be done before we move in...... Let me just forget them for 1 night, I just wanna drink high and have a rest.

Anyway, I'll try to keep u updated.

Merry X'mas guys!!


  1. Congratulations Chanel. great to hear that you have the keys. Waiting eagerly for the rest of the pictures.

    Happy Holidays :)

  2. Congrats! We've been following your blog and it's always nice to see the pics. We are building with BB as well, Attenborough 3500. The paperwork stage has taken us more than 9 months already and hopefully we can start building Feb next year. Hope we can have a SS as nice as Jay..Anyway, Merry X'mas and Happy new year!

  3. Congratulations! Very exciting. Your blog has been great. Wishing you all the best when you make the big move.

  4. Thank you Anonymous!!!! I understand BB paperwork stage is really frustrating, still can not figure out why it takes so long~ Once it starts building, I believe everything will be fine and move smoothly~ Good luck and merry X'mas!!!

  5. A and A, thank u and Merry X'mas~~~~

  6. Hi Chanel,
    We have just signed with Burbank and building a slightly altered version of your home. Except now Burbank are calling it the Palladium 3200. I was so happy to find your blog tonight. I realise its been a few years since you built with BB. Was wondering how you're finding your home 3 years down the track? It sounds like you had a great experience. I'll read more tomorrow. thanks for the tips! cheers,