Nov 14, 2010

Dig gold, find gold.

After long search in Melbourne and a lot of research about houses & lands, finally, me and my partner decided to go with building our own house instead of purchasing an existing one. We know it is a long journey, also, it requires patience and all the careful with the details, but we have confidence in it. Of course, excited all the way from beginning. How good is that!

We got a land in Mel in July, not big but enough for us. 400m2+, 16m for the frontage. There is no easement on it. The land is facing south direction, witch means we will have a beautiful north-facing backyard, we can enjoy most of the sun there. The environment around the land is quiet and green, simply love it. The biggest surprise for us is that, there are hundreds of roos jumping around in the reserve park next door, purely natural place.

Things went smoothly after the first amount money being paid, the settlement just less than a month behind the expected timetable, which means it is really 'on time' among most of the land's development. The developer is great! The land fully belongs to us in Oct 2010, we got the certificate of land from our solicitor, he's being very helpful along the way of contracting and titlement. On that titlement day, we celebrated with champagne and I got a bit high, lolz~

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