Nov 15, 2010

Colours Done

This is really exciting!!!!!! I've been looking forward to this for a long time. So far, this is the most wonderful part.

We've been looking around some display houses and hunting some samples in the specific shops of tiles/carpets before we went to the Edge (BB's colour selection department). So that we could have a better idea of what we want and what we like. My partner let me decide the main tone of the colours, haha, he should! he knows nothing about the colour or a theme of a palette. I'm happy to do that cuz I've done some courses related to colours before.

It also took us some time to decide the external bricks & roof tiles colour. Since we don't have a fancy facade, the bricks is essential for the outlook of our house. I don't want it looks funny or dramatic or horrible after it is built. I had a browse of double storey house's bricks and roof tiles, then I got a theme, which is dark brown tone without the reddish blend. I went to both Austral & Boral display centre, picked 3 or 4 bricks that I like, get the address of the bricks. Well, it is important to look the bricks on real house since the colour of them are nothing like on the websites. 

The staff who helped us at the first day of the colour selection was a newbie. She's very patient but obviously not familiar with her job. She told us that she has just been there a month. She need more training in my opinion. Cuz she had been busy with the estimated prices and typing something on the laptop which barely left any time for us to discussed our thoughts about colours & styles. We did few things in the first day, which upset us a bit.

Luckily lucky, we had a senior pro staff Stephanie the second whole day at the Edge. She's really great, warm and professional. She's the best! We had a lot of questions and asked many different quotes about different category choices, she's being patient and efficient. She helped us with the colours and explained many details about the things we selected. She's No. 1.

We enjoyed our 10am- 5:30pm time there, none of a sec was wasted. The better thing is, we've done all the colour selection and we LOVE it!! Hoorayyyyy~~~~~

The upgrade lists as below, I'll post all the photos of what we choose later.

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