Nov 20, 2010

Checked and Signed

After few days back and forth emails, finally, we got the colour selection files without mistakes! We brought our laptop to the Edge on the colour selection day and we used excel to write all items' prices & colours down, so we could work out the 'quotes vs. budget' at that moment and got a clear list after we came home. In my experience, it is impossible to remember all the things in such a short time, especially they are involved with codes, colours and styles. Furthermore, when I got my own list, I could check the one they send me, which had some mistakes. U don't wanna have the tragedy of ugly colour that not caused by a wrong choice but a damn type mistake on the file.

The file is an evidence and it secure the following drawing stage. Make sure everything is right. It is important that getting the correct file and understanding every word on it. When I say every word, I mean every word. Trust me, sometimes they type secret codes to describe an item and u won't know what it is. So, ask!!!! The staff in the Edge are very nice and willing to answer it. 

Yeah~ I'm moving on to the drawing stage from today! This is a mile stone. Mark (:


  1. Great blog, looking forward to further updates on your home build!

  2. great tip - we're yet to do our colour selection

  3. Hi,

    We are very interested in the Attenborough 3200. Were you able to negotiate on price? What is the expected length of time from contract signing to moving in?