Nov 14, 2010

Floor Plan- Attenborough 3200

After finding our GOLD land, of course the next step is finding a floor plan that suits the land.

We contacted with many builders like PD, Sim0nds, Metric0n etc., seeing lots of floor plans which gave me a bit headache. Through discussion and information we realise that Burb@nk is the one. If u ask for reasons, No.1 the price is reasonable and affordable, 2 there is a house called Attenborough that is make the best use of the frontage & length of our land, 3 people who is building or built with BB give it OK comments, which makes me think, hmmm, it is not too bad if we go with BB and I will not have to deal too much 'surprise' or dramatic things during the house building.

The floor plan of Attenborough 3200 is just perfect for our land. The width requires 16m lot, and it is not deep as most of the floor plans from other builders, it is short, which means I don't need to compromise my beautiful backyard sizes and I won't have a 'face- touch- fence' situation while i am enjoying my afternoon tea in alfresco.

The only shortage of this floor plan is that the garage is right under the master bedroom, which might result cool in the winter and hot in summer in our master bedroom. However, this problem could be easily fixed by using the insulation layer between the 1st & ground floor. So, nothing to be worried! yeah~~~

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