Feb 14, 2011

Got developer approval!!!

Actually, we got our developer approval last Friday, just a day after the application being logged. Light speed, isn't it?

Last Sunday we just sat by the table, grabbed every file we signed and checked them on the drawings. It is hard to read the drawings especially this is no where near what we known, we are the 'non-graphic guys', lolz~As a result, it took us 4hs to get 10 pages checked through and marked the incorrect drawings down with red pen. Then we scanned the drawings, send it back to our admin for further modification.

There are more errors than we thought, especially the electrical part. My previous 'marked up electrical plan' is based on the standard floor plan where the crossover is on the left side, but our final drawings is based on our actual land where the driveway crossover is on the right side. Now the whole floor plan is flipped over. When we were checking the final electricity drawings with the previous 'marked up plan', I have to flipped the paper over to understand the right direction and make sure every powerpoint, switch, light point, TV point etc. stay where they should be. God, that gives me a sore neck!

Hope that we could hear from our admin soon so that we could log our application in council earlier.

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