Feb 10, 2011

To Anonymous

To Anonymous: 

Mostly u are not able to negotiate on price, but hey, why don't u give it a try. If u succeed, u save money! I know some ppl negotiated on the fixed site costs by using other company's free quote, and they succeeded. For example, Burbank quotes u 8000 AUD for fixed site costs, and u got Simonds or Metricon free site costs' quotes previously which are 2000 lower. Using this as a bargaining tool to ask them redo the fixed site costs, and Burbank may lower the price. However, for the colour selection, I don't think you are able to bargain. Cuz they got a specific department calculating the price for each item for different houses. The colour selection people just give your advice on colour/style. The prices are calculated by the calculation department and they communicate via computer so you can get the price within the colour selection day.

About the time length, I'd say 1 year. Typically in Burbank, pre-consulting/pre-contract (fixed site costs)------contract singing------land titled------soil test------colour selection------drawing------construction------move in. Drawing would take u months to be done, I know someone wait about 5 months to make the drawings to be done correctly. Be prepared and push your admin frequently.


  1. Good news on the approval. I know what you mean by making sure all the electrical point are in the correct place once the plan is fixed (especially on the external). We faced the same issue.

    So how much time did it take from land settlement to getting the final engg diagrams ? We are currently waiting for engg diagrams and our land got settled on the 25th Jan so is it fair to say that it might take around 2 months ?

    Anyways Best of Luck with your build :)

  2. hi Ameya and Ajanta,


    I'd say yes, around 2 or 3 months, and u should contact ur admin week by week to give them a lil push so that everything could be done on time.


  3. Hey, thanks heaps for your response. I look forward to hearing about your progress and I may come looking for more advice along the way!