Feb 10, 2011

Finally got our house's drawings

New year new beginning, apparently our house's 2011 starts with the drawings. There were 3 small changes we requested in late 2010. We were lucky that we have not been charged any fees for those minor changes after the date of contract signing. Due to the changes we requested, the emails back and forth, the messages passed between different departments in Burbank, we have to wait longer time to get our drawings done. So guys, you better prepare everything before the colour selection to save your own time.

After a week hearing nothing from Burbank, we got an email today which is attached with our drawings and some answers for our previous email. Yeah! A big step! We are approaching to the actual construction. In the email, our admin says Burbank has already applied the building plan to the developer and will be approved in 10 business days. The application does not mean that we can not alter the drawings. We will have time to look through carefully, mark down the items they drew incorrectly and request further modification. 

There are 10 pages of the drawings. All the legend, notes and elevation, urghhhhhh~ Though it gives me a headache right now, I have to read through and cross check with my colour selections, electricity plan and contracts to make sure everything is right. Another thing is, our lovely admin kindly reminded that I haven't pick any tiles/carpet for my storage room under the staircase in the email and I can do it now without being charged 500AUD. OMG, can u imagine if I did not find this out and ended with a concrete floor in my storage room just besides to the hall way??!!! That's nightmare! Apparently me and my colour selection manager totally forgot about this during the colour selection.

Also, there are some good news. We found that our rainwater tank is a slimline model instead of standard one on the drawings. I'm not sure whether everyone build with Burbank will get a slimline rainwater tank. If you don't know, you better ask your admin. As suggested on the drawings, my backyard is over 110 sqm2 excluding the alfresco, oh I just love it!!! The clothes line (included in the promotion package) is 1.2m * 2.2m ground mounted, which is larger than I thought, nice, more clothes one time! The letterbox (included in the promotion package) is 0.88m height * 0.385m width, which is similar to the picture below, except mine will be in charcoal colour to matching our dark bricks colour. It looks like a lovely letterbox (:

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