Feb 27, 2011

Missing Pegs = $720!!!

I got an email Thursday from BB said that the pegs are missing on my lot, and offered a $720 deal to redo the land survey by BB. Gosh, that's a rob! I'm not paying that! So We grabbed a shovel and went to our land on Fri morning to dig. After searching the pegs based on the pics we took before, it turns out that where the pegs should be were temporary fenced inside the houses (which are under construction) next to our lot. It is inappropriate to dig without my neighbours permit since the pegs we shared are inside their fence at that time. 

When we was trying to contact council to get this problem fixed, we heard some one was talking in the house right-hand next to our land. We went inside and found 2 workers and asked for the contact No. of their site supervisor. Well, how lucky we are! And lucky again, their site supervisor is really really nice and made us stick around so he could meet us on the land 4 hours later, furthermore, he said he would like to help us to find our pegs. As he promised, in the afternoon, he and another person showed up. They took their tools to dig the pegs out for us really hard, and helped us to find 2 pegs in the front. It turns out that the pegs are not missing! They are just buried under some mud! Ughhhhhh~BB is so lazy and can't be bothered to dig at all! 

Since our rear pegs on one side is other's permanent fence already, so we got 3 pegs. We took a bottle of spray paint to mark out the pegs as pic showed below. Hope that BB can accept this result. If they don't, we're going to dig the hell out and locate our last peg, which would save us $720!!!

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